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barre fit cardio: home edition.

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Healthy body year round > Summer Body.

Okay...that statement may be arguable to some. While I could preach the importance of staying mentally, emotionally AND physically fit during these unprecedented times, I'm honestly prioritizing the mental part first ...knowing that everything else follows suit.

Firstly, I apologize for using the overran P-word of the year above, but hey - the times are what the times are. Between performances, shoots and quality time living my best life with loved ones, I've been teaching in the dance and fitness spaces for 7 years. While I admire the communal effort to keep one another motivated and moving, I still stand by safety and the essence of coaching.

You get one body in this lifetime...naturally.

Join me in the sweaty, gracefully burning comfort of your own home with my signature Barre Fit Cardio.

Same 45-Minutes of fire. Same popping playlists.

But make it Social Distanced.

See you on the mat.

11:00AM Mondays & Fridays

7:00PM Tuesdays - Thursdays

Book Your Spot [below].

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